Friday, April 09, 2010

Your Weekend Funny

With a hat tip to Feed Your ADHD:

Watch the video of BHO's recent opening-day pitch at Nationals Baseball Park below the fold. High and, ahem, to the left:

Please take time to read Feed Your ADHD's satire. Excerpt:
Disappointed with pResident Barack Obama’s first-pitch performance on opening day at Nationals Park, the Obama Regime today announced a historic appointment, the nation’s first PitchingPrompter Czar.

The PitchingPrompter will be put to the test this Saturday in Chicago, where it will throw out the first pitch at US Cellular Field, the ballpark formerly known, to Obama, as Comminsky Park. It will be used in place of the traditional presidential first pitch, started in 1910 by William Howard Taft, during all such outings in the future, including limo rides with Larry Sinclair.

The Regime chose the machine after seriously debating an alternative plan, having Obama better explain how a first pitch will help the American people understand the game of baseball, during 17-minute, 2,500-word speeches from the mound....
Read the rest. Not to be missed!

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