Friday, September 03, 2010

Quote Of The Day

The following spot-on comment was left by good friend Mark Alexander of A New Dark Age Is Dawning to this post about the Ground Zero Mosque's imam (emphases mine):

The more I read about Imam Rauf, the more disgusted I become! This man is deceitful by anyone's standards. But then that is par for the course by a Muslim trying to Islamize his adopted country, I'm afraid. Further, the more we read about B. Hussein Obama, the less we can trust him. There is no doubt in my mind that in Obama you have yourselves your first Muslim president. He is working hard behind the scenes to change the nature of American society; he's working hard to Islamize it. Anyone who cannot see this is a naïve fool. Sorry to be so crass.

In a few years, the United States will become unrecognisable. In a few years more, it will be Islamized. The way things are going, it's only a matter of time before Shariah law will be introduced there.

Rauf's comments when abroad about how similar America's constitution is to the Shariah is his way of softening up the people for the real change he envisions.

You people, just like the British and the French, have got a real problem on your hands. Trouble is, there are many dhimmi Westerners who are so happy and willing to become members of the army of Allah's little helpers and enablers. Bloomberg, of course, is chief among them. To add to this, there are few strong politicians prepared to make a stand. Almost all are prepared to give Islam a pass.

This is a sad time for liberty in the West.

More individual Americans are waking up to the threat of Islam and Islamification. But our leaders? They remain determined not to insult Islam and, therefore, promote the Islamification of America.

And not only our leaders? Check out this advice that we all celebrate Ramadan in a recent posting I did over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance!

HERE is what Ramadan really celebrates. I won't be joining in any Ramadan dinners or participating in any kumbaya fasting.

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