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Ellison: Muslim Activism As Part Of Allah's Plan

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From this source, on December 25, 2006:
Speaking in Dearborn, Mich., late Sunday night, the first Muslim elected to Congress told a cheering crowd of Muslims they should remain steadfast in their faith and push for justice.

"You can't back down, you can't chicken out, you can't be afraid, you got to have faith in Allah, and you got to stand up and be a real Muslim," Detroit native Keith Ellison said to loud applause.

"Allahu akbar" — God is great — was the reply of many in the crowd....

Ellison said in Dearborn that Muslims can help teach America about justice and equal protection, suggesting that Muslim activists may be part of God's plan....
Those who found fault with policital activism from evangelical Christians, who often mention "God's plan," remain noticeably silent when it comes to criticizing Ellison's remarks.

Over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance,a posting by Pastorius included some information about the groups to whom Ellison directed his recent remarks, made at the annual convention of two Muslim groups. One group was the Muslim American Society, which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:
[T]he fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood operates in the United States as none other than MAS. So while most American Muslims don't want to see the United States governed by sharia, Bray's organization does. And while researching for the debate, I found that MAS--except in its most public of statements--is quite open about its agenda and allegiances. Even a brief review of various MAS chapters' websites provides a revealing look at what the national organization is teaching its members.

THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is an international Islamist group that largely operates underground and behind the scenes, with branches in about 70 countries. The Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, an Egyptian schoolteacher who--in the wake of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and abolition of the caliphate--bemoaned the sickness of the Ummah, or larger Muslim community. The Brotherhood's response to this perceived sickness was to emphasize doctrinally that Islam encompasses all the affairs of man. As al-Banna wrote, "Islam is faith and worship, a country and a citizenship, a religion and a state. It is spirituality and hard work. It is a Qur'an and a sword." The group also emphasizes that Islam is a universal faith. As al-Banna put it, Islam "has encompassed all aspects of human life, for all peoples and nations, and for all times and ages."

Because the Brotherhood views Islam as all-encompassing and universal, one of its highest goals is to spread Islamic law...

Brotherhood members did emphasize to the Tribune that they operate within the laws of the countries where they live:
They stress that they do not believe in overthrowing the U.S. government, but rather that they want as many people as possible to convert to Islam so that one day--perhaps generations from now--a majority of Americans will support a society governed by Islamic law.
The other group whom Ellison addressed was the Islamic Circle of North America, which, according to Steven Emerson,
is on record as calling for jihad in the United States, to promote the notion of an Islamic world. ICNA also published something very recently saying that they are against suicide bombings, except when it comes to killing Israelis.
Does Mr. Ellison not know the details regarding the company he is keeping? Surely he is informed!

By making speeches to various Muslim groups, Mr. Ellison himself is making it clear that his photo-op of swearing on the Koran contains a larger message. When he puts his hand on the Koran, what is he symbolically upholding — the Constitution or shari'a law? Perhaps Mr. Ellison will soon take the opportunity to explain to us, specifically, how shari'a law is compatible with the principles of Western freedom.

In the case of Abdul Rahman, we learned that shari'a law trumps constitutional law. Of course, Abdul Rahman was in Afghanistan, and his close call with execution for apostasy was in an Islamic nation. Such trumping of Constitutional law could never happen here in the United States, right?

For further reading, see "Keith Ellison, Taquiya In Action" at Kevin's Amboy Times. Maybe, as Kevin suggested in a comment here at Always On Watch, we can turn that new MRI lie-detector in the direction of Representative Ellison.

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