Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sheba!

Sheba in June 2008:

Late last year, we thought Sheba was a goner. In fact, we very nearly had Sheba euthanized on January 19.

Then we changed to a new veterinarian, one proficient in feline geriatrics!
Dr. Villar came to our home and spent a full forty-five minutes with Sheba on January 22. As a result of Dr. Villar's recommendations, Sheba is on a new regimen, one which has worked beautifully. Of course, after Mr. AOW and I saw what an outstanding vet Dr. Villar is, we switched all our cats over to get their medical care from him.

Today Sheba turns twenty years old. Though she occasionally widdles on her blankie (a bathmat with an oil-drip pan underneath), she eats like a pig and even chases the laser dot with her front paws.

We know that Sheba's time with us is limited. But as long as she has a decent quality of life, we'll continue to enjoy her company and her love.


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