Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Law Of The Sea Treaty

From this source:
Do we want to allow International Law Court judges to make decisions that would trump the Constitution of the United States? What about being only one vote among more than a hundred without the power of the veto? Both of these would effectively nullify U.S. sovereignty and establish European-style socialism.

The United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty is coming up for a quick vote in October with no serious debate. This is another example of one of those treaties concocted by an international body that will not serve the American people...
Read the rest at Eleanor Duckwall's Spotlight.
Eleanor very kindly linked to the radio show which WC and I cohosted on September 28, 2007. Frank Gaffney was one of the guests on that show, and today has published this article at Front Page Magazine.

Eleanor has provided additional information about the treaty at her posting. A commenter there came along and provided even more details.

Other bloggers are following the goings-on and significance of the Law of the Sea Treaty, including The Merry Widow and Christine. Extensive information is also available at


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