Monday, January 14, 2008

In New York City

The following video, about seven minutes in length, comes from this January 13, 2008 posting at Atlas Shrugs:

YouTube link

Some context about that video:
So there I am, with two of my little infidels in tow, dashing across town to hit Carnegie Hall. It seems Red has to have a classical concert in the bag for a report due tomorrow. I love these mandates, the kids as an impetus for some culchuh for a change. So imagine my surprise to stumble upon a sea of black down Park Avenue against a backdrop of loud Muslim prayers blaring over loudspeakers, no less. We were running late and I didn't have a picture card in my camera but Red said, "ma, there's a Staples down the block, you've got to get this". It was surreal.

The cop tells me, Moe's grandson along with 72 other Muslims beat back an army of 70,000. Yeah 72 guys beat an army of 70,000 and they are mourning the death of Husayn (the grandson). The mock coffins represent Husayn and his followers who "were denied proper burial." When I saw them beating themselves up, I asked the cop, "is this Ashura"? He said, yeah I think that's in the pamphlet. Indeed it was. He told me there was a large number from Pakistan (but no sign of mourning for Bhutto, or any sign of her for that matter), Iran Iraq, Lebanon....


The most disturbing image was all those black clad women (from head to toe) en masse down Park Avenue. My 13 year old said, "ma that's scary". Indeed. Mind you, it was scary, as in an altered reality.

On every corner a young girl in full dress would stop you to explain the meaning and the beauty of this festival of mourning (did I just say that) and give you Islamic propaganda. The taqiya was in full blast mode....
Read about Ashura here and here.

In the streets of New York City???

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Pamela has some still photos, too. The following is one sample and shows the flag of Huseyn:

Go take a look at the entire posting at Atlas Shrugs.

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