Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Back! Video: Jon Voight On Israel

Now that the school term is coming to an end and I'm all caught up with work oligations, pause mode at this web site has ended a few days early.

During the time I was not posting, I was still reading and research on the web. On blog rounds, I found the following video at CUANAS:

YouTube link

Additional information about the above video from the above YouTube link:
John Voight came to Israel as a guest of the youth uniun of Chabad. Voight supports the youth uniun of Chabad in a project that assists the children of Chernobyl and up to now 2500 children were brought to Israel from that region which was infected by radioactivity disaster.

Voight talks about his support in Israel and its people, about the mistake of Israel's giving up on Gaza and about the current situation in which Israel is facing daily terror attacks from Gaza and about the apathy of the western communications media toward Israel's suffering and their flopping to the propaganda trap of the terrorists.

He also talks about Vietnam, Cambodia and Iraq wars.
Jon Voight has also recently made a statement about Barack Obama. From this article in the Jerusalem Post:
"[Barack Obama is] really extreme, but he's always trying to say something to cover it. He's like a Leftist from the '60s. I was on the Left, that's why I know who he is," said Voight.

"He says he'll talk to everybody [like Hamas and Iran], but it's simpleminded candy he's throwing to the extreme left wing. He'd be the biggest disaster for Israel - and all democracies - that I can think of."
Read the entire article.

As a rule, I don't pay any attention to what Hollywood types have to say about world politics. After all, performers are not rocket scientists or pundits. But even Hollywood types can occasionally recognize the truth. The ones who do don't seem to get much coverage in the mainstream media.

Additional reading: Wikipedia on Jon Voight

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