Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ramadan Coca-Cola

The crescent moon and star — yes, the same symbol featured on the flags of so many Muslim countries — is an internationally-recognized symbol of the Islamic faith in much the same way as the cross represents Christianity and the star of David Judaism. When I learned the symbol of the Islamic faith will appear on Coca-Cola packaging during Ramadan 2008, I found myself wondering whether or not the Atlanta-based soft drink maker will soon include the Christian cross and Jewish star of David in future holiday packaging designs targeting people of those faiths....
Bob McCarty has the details, HERE and HERE.

I tell you this: I had better not find any Coca-Cola cans bearing the star and crescent in my pantry! I doubt that I will, because these oh-so-special Ramadan Coca-Colas (September 1-30 this year) are limited to the Middle East and Africa. For now.

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posted by Always On Watch @ 8/19/2008 03:47:00 PM