Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Busiest Season

This afternoon, I'll be inordinately busy with last-minute Christmas preparations and taking my elderly aunt to the doctor.

After The Maids came late Tuesday to do the Christmas deep clean, the tree is finally up, as of last night, but stands in the corner with only lights and the angel tree-topper adorning the branches. The tree skirt, brand new, is in place with a few wrapped presents from out of town sitting there to keep our three cats from rooting the velour material all over the room. Not a single ornament has been added to the tree yet!

I hope to finish trimming the tree tonight and tomorrow. Those touches may be delayed, however. Staying on schedule, albeit a delayed one, will depend on what the doctor says today about my aunt's chest congestion. I hope that this afternoon doesn't turn into a go-to-the-hospital nightmare. My aunt, nearly 93 years of age, has been sick for two weeks now. She is the last surviving family member of my parents' generation, and all of us in the extended family cherish this dear aunt and are quite concerned about her condition and the outcome.

In the meantime, scroll down to other posts, including a student's essay and political threads.

Later, my friends, and hopefully not too much later. Prayers appreciated.

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posted by Always On Watch @ 12/18/2008 11:00:00 AM