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An Arab's Rant

Not the usual that we see on anti-jihad sites and certainly something we wouldn't hear in the Western media!

Algerian author Anwar Malek on Al-Jazeera TV, Quatar, on March 3, 2009 (With a hat tip to The EDITRIX):

A couple of excerpts are below the fold.
First, I've chosen this:
"The reality of the Arabs is one of defeat, hitting rock bottom... We are defeated, politically and militarily... and economically, socially, and even psychologically. We have a discourse of conspiracy, and we blame everything on others."
Westerner couldn't get away with saying that. Indeed, recent events indicate a love fest for Islam on the part of federal and state authorities.

And the following from Malek:
"Look at how the Arabs live in the West. By Allah, they are a bad example. If you hear about thieves - they are always Arabs. Whenever a young man harasses a girl on the streets of London or Paris, he turns out to be an Arab. All the negative moral values are to be found in the Arab individual."
Not surprisingly, the book that Malek wrote wasn't well received. From this source:
Cairo, May 14, 2009.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said that the Egyptian security authorities confiscated a book entitled "A Flood Of Corruption And The Advance Of bin Laden In Algeria" by the Algerian writer, "Anwar Malek," the book deals with the involvement of some Algerian officials and their children in cases of corruption in Algeria, after having been published on 'Uktob' publishing house in Cairo with deposit number (26518/2009) in the General Egyptian Book Organization.

In his letter to the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, Anwar Malek said: "The book is already printed, but the state security confiscated it from distribution stores and warned the publisher of reprinting it, and moreover, they threatened the publisher with closing the publishing house if he counteracted the prejudice against them by leaking information to media."

The confiscated book addresses the vision of the Algerian writer of crimes committed by al-Qaeda and other armed groups and their relationship with the Algerian security services, the book also contains a file on the Algerian prisons and the blatant human rights violations taking place inside prisons, such as torture, abduction and extrajudicial murder.

The Arabic Network said, "once again the police apparatus proves its hostility towards freedom of expression, limiting the state which it protects to the Egyptian government, and other governments"...
Of course, Islam isn't mentioned. But in most circles, Islamic and Arabic civilization are equated as the ummah believe that it is Islam which makes them special and the ones to see that the will of Allah is fulfilled.

Readers of this site may be interested listening to the following from IQ al Rassooli:

Can you imagine a discussion between IQ and Malek?

By the way, on this week's edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, IQ al Rassooli will join us to discuss the myth of Islamic civilization, the topic of Chapter 20 of Ahmad's Quran 3, also known on YouTube as "The Idiot's Guide To Islam."

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