Monday, November 22, 2010

What If This Happened To Your Child?

As one in my late 50s, I'm able to tolerate most any kind of examination of my body. That said, I think that the TSA has gone way over the line, particularly in the following video:

From the person who filmed the above video:
Lets get the facts straight first. Before the video started the boy went through a metal detector and didn't set it off but was selected for a pat down. The boy was shy so the TSA couldn't complete the full pat on the young boy. The father tried several times to just hold the boys arms out for the TSA agent but i guess it didn't end up being enough for the guy. I was about 30 ft away so i couldn't hear their conversation if there was any. The enraged father pulled his son shirt off and gave it to the TSA agent to search, thats when this video begins.
At Infidel Bloggers Alliance, Midnight Rider said the following:
America is becoming so cowed by government intrusiveness and invasion of our lives that we no longer even defend our children from what is tantamount to assualt, and sexual sssault at that. Afraid of what they might do. We're not even recognizing it as wrong. Numbed down and dumbed down to thinking THIS is the new normal and it's ok even though unsavory.
Thus far, Obama has deemed the TSA procedures necessary.

I say: Give the TSA a pass on doing this kind of thing for a few years, and many young people won't know that anything else was ever the norm.

Here's some snarky truth from Pastorius: we're having to endure all this
for the pleasure of living with all the nice Moderate Muslims we get the joy of sharing our lives with here in the USA.
So what do we do? Not take family vacations by air anymore? Not attend family funerals or other family gatherings in distant states or travel with our families to overseas destinations?

And what about this incident, in which a TSA search left the passenger soaked in urine? Again, the TSA was way over the line. Will the ADA step in on that case?

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posted by Always On Watch @ 11/22/2010 07:10:00 AM