Saturday, March 10, 2007


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When I started QUESTION OF THE WEEK as a blog feature, I mentioned that I would cover a variety of topics. This week's QUESTION is one of the unusual ones.

The picture below was a story prompt for my creative writing class. Students were instructed to write a short story in imitation of the style of an American author. I also required that the story begin with a wide-angle lens to set the mood before beginning the telling of the story and to avoid the use of flashbacks and in medias res.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What would you write about?

You don't have to write the entire story or even complete the outline. Nevertheless, my students and I would appreciate any input you might have. I am hoping that some of students will allow me to post their stories, the final drafts of which were recently submitted.

I required my students to use an outline similar to the one below.



Setting (time and place):

Point of view:

Author imitated:

What if _________________?

What happened?



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