Saturday, January 19, 2008

Audios: Who Is Allah? & Islamophobia

From The Idiots Guide To Islam at In The Name Of Allah:

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We are INDOCTRINATED to believe that ALLAH is GOD.

Allah is NOT God. Allah is only the NAME of a god.

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The Muslim population HYPOCRITICALLY accuses the West of 'Islamophobia'.

Isn't it natural that we should be terrified of Muhammadan Islam?
The entire series of audios is HERE. Also see In The Name Of Allah, which offers articles on topics related to the history of Islam, including this excellent introduction to Islam. Excerpt from near the end of "Introduction to Islam":
Politicians and theologians keep repeating the mantra that Islam is a religion of 'peace', when the history of Muhammadan Islam is written with the blood of conquests and subjugation of tens of millions of nations in at least twenty-five countries spanning three continents - Asia, Africa and Europe - stretching from India and China in the east to the Atlantic in the west. The subject peoples of these lands - who had their own religions and beliefs - did not voluntarily become 'Muslims' through dialogue and spiritual enlightenment.
[Hat-tip to Mark Alexander, where I found the second of the above audios]

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