Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Christian Doctrine Offensive To Muslims

(With a hat-tip to Mark Alexander)

So says the Archbishop of Canterbury. Excerpt:
Key elements of Christian doctrine are offensive to Muslims, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said in a letter to Islamic scholars.


His comments came in a published letter to Islamic leaders, intended to promote closer dialogue and understanding between the two faiths.

However they come just months after Dr Williams was forced to clarify comments in which he said some parts of Islamic law will "unavoidably" be adopted in Britain.


Discussing differences between the religions, Dr Williams acknowledges that Christian belief in the Trinity is "difficult, sometimes offensive, to Muslims".

The Trinity is the Christian doctrine stating God exists as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and conflicts with Islamic teaching that there is one all-powerful God....
Read the entire article in the Telegraph.

Archbishop, are you suggesting that Christianity now soft-pedal the doctrine of the Trinity? Just asking.

Still waiting to hear the following from the imam of any mosque: "Islamic doctrine is offensive to Christians." Let's have some reciprocity here.

Note: addional reading at Dhimmi Watch, with reader comments

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