Monday, September 14, 2009

Check Out The Dissatisfaction

Shamelessly lifted from Infidel Bloggers Alliance, where the following was posted by Epa today. A must read!

57% would swap out all incumbents and now Press Accuracy Rating Hits Two Decade Low

Do you get the feeling Americans are disgusted with institutions?

As an unresponsive government seeks to create the perception that town hall speakers and firearms carriers are racist fringe freaks, and a crowd in DC which was wel up in 6 figures if not 7, and larger than the inaugural crowd is said to be but thousands by the WaPo and NYT, Rasmussen publishes a poll which says 57% of voters would just get rid of all incumbents, all political labels but Reagan are hideous and the worst is the word 'progressive', and only 33% think we are headed in the right direction.

But what gets reported?


  • Pathetic Bill O'Reilly wannabe Keith Olbermann, calling Fox News viewers 'tin foil hatters, conspiracy theorists, paranoids and racists.'
  • David Shuster, dually pathetic Olbermann wannabe, profiling the Republican Party as 'all white males with short haircuts.' He then goes on to call the party angry and unhinged, with 'no women, no minorities.'
  • A recent segment in which Shuster, Barney Rubble to Olbermann's Fred Flintstone, suggests Joe Wilson's comments may contain a 'racist or bigoted element.' Tamron Hall was appalled 'to have that southern white male shout down the first black president'. And of course, the Reverend Jesse Jackson chiming in with '...the big C-word, conservative... for some it means a code word for race.'
  • Ed Schultz referring to Senator James Inhofe's criticisms of the President as potentially opening up 'the floodgates to these crazies that show up at town hall meetings.' He also insulted those who believe the President is leading this country in the wrong direction as 'lesser challenged news consumers.' Shuster, Donkey to Olbermann's Shrek, echoes the 'crazies' sentiment, later stating that Inhofe's constituents likely contain 'lunatics' who feel it is their 'responsibility to take out the president'.

Pretty inflammatory list, eh? But wait my friends, there's more...

  • Have reservations about former Obama appointed green-jobs czar Van Jones and committed 9/11 truther, and you are most definitely a racist according to Keith Olbermann.
  • Mike Barnicle and Chuck Todd discussing if race is the real reason for all opposition to President Obama. Todd then bumbles and stumbles his way to explain that the White House certainly doesn't want to cry race, but they are more than willing to point to polls that say detractors are southern racists.
  • Tingly legged Chris Matthews saying that opposition to the President is based on 'who he is, where he comes from, his background'.

News and the MSM has not been so stilted and factually in error, and/or pointedly disingenuous in what and how it is reported since the explosion of the USS Maine in 1898 and the yellow journalism which lead to war.

But what is far more disturbing to thinking and critical americans is the underlying inchoate elite coalescence around a dialectic of 'fact'. 'That which does not fit the dialectic, CANNOT be fact'

Thus Joe Wilson's rudeness (though certainly at least arguably factual) is racism, after all, hey, South Carolina.

Thus the crowd in the mall cannot be the free expression of average people, it must be the manufactured organization of Ron Paulista birthers, which is why only thousands showed up.

But someone once said something about fooling all of the people all of the time ... and he wasn't even president (yet) when this ineluctable fact made itself plain in his thought.

And below the level of verbal expression, the disquiet among average Americans across the board about what is being done, and how it being reported, and reacted to ... grows... until it finds ugly fruition in permanently discredited institutions, and a permanent loss of fatih in the way we govern ourselves.

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