Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ObamaKare 101

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Graphic below from this post at Nice Deb:

In his essay "Obamacare Will Save Me a Ton of Money," satirist supreme Snarky Basterd of Feed Your ADHD makes a personal observation about ObamaKare, particularly for those of us who have private health-insurance policies:
I pay about $350 a month for a “low premium” plan, or in essence I pay for the right to have a high in-network deductible, $3,500 per individual and $7,000 per family. In other words, aside from getting free oxygen and often free germs when one of us visits the doctor, I pay ALL of my healthcare costs … in addition to the right to have insurance if I have a heart attack or one of my kids falls out of a tree (which is why I’ve sold all the ladders and sheared all of the low-hanging limbs from the trees around the homestead and threatened to sell my children to the King of the Moonbat Zombies — their term for Obama — if they ever break a bone).


I also put away about $200 a month in a health savings account to cover normal medical expenses like trips to the doctor for colds and for purchasing medicine and for buying lottery tickets, and then rollover what we don’t spend annually, earning something like .0000000002 percent interest, a Ben Bernanke special.

So, all told, my happy little family, during a given year, spends about $8,100 on healthcare, when you add up the premiums (or the right to a high deductible) and health savings account deductions from my earnings and actual healthcare expense payouts. That’s about four times more than we spend on, say, actually taking time to have a nice vacation and relax and forget for 17 seconds that we’re slaves to just about everything except the pursuit of our own life, liberty, and happiness.


Under Obamacare (or, at least, under the Senate version that will pass on Christmas Eve) I’ll be paying $13,100 come the year 2016 just for family health insurance....
Read the whole thing to see how Obamacare will save Snarky Basterd, and possibly you, big bucks. Heh.

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