Monday, January 11, 2010

When Friends Step Up: Part Two

(Note to family and friends: The most recent update on Mr. AOW is here, updated December 12. Also see this post, part one of "When Friends Step Up").

Wednesday evening, The Merry Widow arrives here to help me with caring for Mr. AOW.

Her post about the matter is HERE. Please read that post before continuing reading below the fold so as to get an idea as to why I need help.
Caregiving a spouse and working part-time outside the home have exhausted me to the bone!

Unless you've been a caregiver for someone who is bedfast, as Mr. AOW is, you may not fully understand the all-consuming vortex of tending a loved one. Take my word for it: caregiving takes over your life in ways you never thought possible. Forget about having enough energy even to read the newspaper every day.

I'd straighten up the house in preparation for TMW's arrival. But I'm too exhausted to take on the task! I will manage to have fresh sheets and a clean bedspread on the bed and clean towels for the bathroom. That's the extent of what I'm capable of getting done right now.

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