Thursday, June 24, 2010

FEATURED QUESTION: Election Strategy

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My blogging friend The Beak has written a good essay about Obama and the BP oil spill. Check out The Beak's posting. Sample paragraph:
Obama is a failure as a leader and as a President. He was elected as a symbol of a post racial America. However, endlessly droning on about hope and change, reading a teleprompter and a knock off Pepsi Logo does not create a President. His approval numbers are dropping like a rock and the economy is going into another tailspin.
Read the entire essay HERE.

Over at the Beak's essay, I also call your attention to a comment from the blogger named The Pagan Temple:
The oil spill would easily be solved, with aircraft carriers and Destroyers fitted to suction the oil already spilled. Nuclear submarines could guide the efforts from below, possibly even be fitted to transfer some of the oil from the source to a carrier above. Aircraft carriers are larger than barges and could hold a lot more oil at a time.

The Army Corps of Engineers working in tandem with BP could have already plugged the leak.

Obama knows all this. This could have amounted to a two or three year minor pollution problem at worse, though the pollution would have been considerable for maybe a half year. This did not have to be one third as big a deal as it has turned into.

Believe me, once the last couple of weeks of October role [sic] around, Obama will have taken complete control of the crisis, and by the time the November elections role [sic] around, he and his Democratic allies will have "saved" the Gulf.

If the above manipulative strategy is employed, will that manipulation work well enough to minimize damage to the Democratic Party in the November 2010 election?

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