Wednesday, September 29, 2010

International Monitoring Of Islamphobia Proposed

From Weasel Zippers, citing this source:
The Quran-burning controversy in the United States has prompted the Islamic bloc at the United Nations to revive its call for the U.N. to set up an “international monitoring mechanism” to track incidents of “Islamophobia.”


At the U.N. Human Rights Council this week, OIC members are also seeking support for a resolution condemning Florida pastor Terry Jones’ abortive call to burn copies of the Quran on September 11.


When it comes to a vote — before the Council’s session in Geneva ends next Friday [October 1] — the measure almost certainly will pass. The OIC controls more than one-third of the Council’s seats, and its resolutions are routinely backed by non-Muslim allies such as China, Russia, Cuba and South Africa.
Read the entire article HERE. Worth your time.

Islamic law as the new world order means saying goodbye to our First Amendment. As just one example of what can happen when Muslims perceive that shari'a is violated, even in a society which doesn't live under shari'a law, read about the situation in which Molly Norris has found herself.

The OIC wants all of us to live in fear of offending Islam.

Information about the OIC, from this 2006 article, "Islamic Assault on the First Amendment":
The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), composed of 57 Muslim countries, formulated a resolution that Islam be protected from “defamation” even if factual. On April 12, 2005, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights passed a resolution by the vote of 31 to 16 that promotes “respect for all religions and their value system” superceding “respect for human rights”. Accordingly, accusing Islam of violating human rights is in itself an act of defamation of Islam.
Read more about the OIC HERE.

And note this information about the OIC's upcoming conference in Chicago. Pastorius of Infidel Bloggers Alliance says this about the conference, in which the OIC will lecture us about Islamophobic:
It’s nauseating the Islamic supremacists from the OIC will be lecturing us on “Islamophobia” while on American soil.
Just how far does Islamification have to go before the West cries, "Enough"?

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