Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend Video

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My favorite television commercial:

I'm partial to pigs, you know. Photos from another of my web sites below the fold.

As you enter the gate and walk on the flagstones leading to my front porch, you'll first notice a big planter. Every spring, I buy some annuals to fill the planter, which is at least years old and make of solid concrete. Talk about heavy! My aunt wanted to take the planter with her when she moved from this house, but the management at her apartment building said that it was too much weight for the balcony:

On the northeast side of the above antique planter sits a rain gauge. Isn't he a cute little fellow?

Mo and Osama:

Look who welcomes you at the entrance to my house!

I have more pig decor inside my house, in every room. Sorry, no photos of the interior swine yet available.

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