Friday, November 05, 2010

Obama Doesn't Admit The Meaning Of November 2

So, our Blabber In Chief will be on 60 Minutes this weekend to say that his message hasn't gotten across.

I've seen a preview of the interview. Obama's pretended humility cannot cover up his blatant narcissism.

But, of course, CBS's Early Show this morning is heavily promoting the upcoming edition of 60 Minutes.

Kathleen Parker's recent essay in the Washington Post explains how pathetic Obama's analysis of Tuesday's election results is:
Blindsided by their own blindness

Two words: Narrative, schmarrative.

Democrats have talked endlessly about the importance of narrative - missing in President Obama's case. We've heard over and over about the lack of smart messaging and the president's failure to communicate. If only Obama could better express himself, all would be well.

Seriously? This is the same president whose soaring rhetoric once sent his ratings into the heavenly realm and who, after assuming office, never stopped expressing himself.

For months, he was everywhere. Talking, talking, talking. Admit it. How many times did you flip on the tube and say, "Omigod, he's talking again"? Several Teleprompters had to take early retirement from sheer exhaustion.

Here's a narrative: You can't sell people what they don't want, no matter how mellifluous your pitch. This is the clear message of the midterm elections...


Obama didn't need to be a better communicator. He needed to be a better listener. End of story.
Read Ms. Parker's entire essay HERE. Worth your time.

I'll watch Sunday's edition of 60 Minutes. Provided that I'm fortified with eggnog and brandy, that is.

Some music for when Obama is on the television screen:

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