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The Lt. Dan Band

Received last month, via email, with links and a graphic added:
We just got back from the 3rd Annual Coalition to Salute America's Heroes Road to Recovery Conference. The girls and I missed the first three days of the conference due to classes and finals, but Dave said the speakers and the sessions were unbelievable.

We all were able to attend the closing banquet, where Gary Sinise provided the
entertainment. What an awesome guy! You could just see how much he enjoyed playing for these wounded and disabled heroes. He and his band played for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours without a break, then said that they would play a few more songs. Twenty minutes later, he said they would play one more song. The song was Lee Greenwood's, "Proud to be an American." Wow! You've never experienced that song until you've been in a room of American heroes singing along! You could see how tired Gary Sinise was, but he offered to sign autographs and pose with each person that wanted a picture. What a guy! Gary Sinise has also played at many USO shows abroad.

Just a note about the Coalition. The organization hosted 100 veteran families from Wed. to Sun. at Walt Disney World, provided the flights as well as the hotel rooms and passes to the Disney park and some of the group meals. The conference covered a wide array of subjects from how to make yourself marketable for job interviews, a job fair, sessions for the kids to learn how to cope with their parent's disabilities or injuries to the difficult-to-approach subject of sexuality.

I was just so impressed! I'm ready to start volunteering again...

Take care,
Cathie also sent me a link for The Lt. Dan Band. The name for the band derives, of course, from the acclaimed film Forrest Gump, in which Gary Sinise portrayed a double amputee who received his injuries during the Vietnam War. For many people who watched that movie, Gary Sinise will forever be Lieutenant Dan, Forrest's commanding officer who finally learned to manage his injuries and get back to enjoying life.

At the bottom of the Lt. Dan Band Webspace is mention of the conference alluded to in the above email:
We ended our 2006 schedule with a pair of performances. The first was a concert for wounded soldiers and their families at a conference in Orlando, FL ( We then traveled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to play for the troops stationed there....

The Lt. Dan Band web page provides links to further information about the band's mission and activities.

Additional information about the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes is HERE.

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