Saturday, June 09, 2007

Los Manos Blancos En Venezuela

So much for freedom of expression in Venezuela. Chavez is likely to order more of the following:

Hugo Chavez is a brutal Latin American, communist dictator, flat-out lying about his caring a whit about the people:
After Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez turned the popular television station RCTV into yet another government-controlled outlet on May 27, an unusual combination of students, journalists and television stars braved tear gas, fire hoses and rubber bullets to gather in the streets in a show of opposition. The student protests are ongoing, although somewhat smaller. For many students, this is a first entrance into political activism, and it seems to be based more on principle than politics. The students haven't aligned with opposition politicians, although some Venezuelan officials have accused them of doing so....
Complete article HERE.

Learn more about Los Manos Blancos HERE.

You won't get the truth from the mainstream media, which are busy pushing bimbo-of-the-week stories and the leftist agenda. When is the last time you saw anything about Los Mancos Blancos on the evening news?

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