Thursday, September 09, 2010

Going On A Staycation

(This post, published on September 7, stuck here for a few days. Please scroll down for other postings)

Okay, the graphic here is deceptive. It depicts what I wish Mr. AOW and I could do for a vacation this year.

For many years, Mr. AOW and I have taken some kind of vacation, usually a road trip, the week of Labor Day. We chose that week because (1) hotel rates are lower, (2) attractions are less crowded than during summer months, and (3) the homeschool classes I teach begin the second full week of September.
Now, however, since Mr. AOW was stricken by a brain hemorrhage last September, taking such a trip would be difficult in the extreme. Furthermore, Mr. AOW needs a lot of rest as he continues his recovery. Finally, bathrooming issues on road trips can be stressful for both of us!

Therefore, this year, Mr. AOW and I are going on a staycation. We'll spend a few days visiting The National Museum of the American Indian and The National Museum of American History, both located on the National Mall.

Blogging will not be a priority for a few days. I may or may not find time to post.

In the meantime, I refer you to THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS, Infidel Bloggers Alliance, and The Other News (Will's link-rich site), as well as to other links in my sidebar.

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