Monday, October 18, 2010

Obama's Phony Townhall Meeting

Not only is Obama teleprompter-dependent. He has to pack the audience with screened and scripted actors. Pathetic.

From The Blogmocracy, citing Human Events:
Actors Called to Play ‘Young People’ at Obama Town Hall

The set is beautiful, the lighting perfect. The President is ready for his close-up at the taping of the MTV, BET, CMT town hall to mobilize the ‘Youth Vote’ for the November election. Called a “Conversation with President Obama,” the town hall will include 250 young people. Leaving nothing to chance, the ‘Youth’ asking questions will be actors.

On behalf of the President, casting website put out a casting call for “males and females 18+” to fill out a questionnaire to include “your name, phone number, hometown, school attending, your job and what issues, if any, you are interested in, or passionate about. Also provide a recent photo and short description of your political views.” This job will be strictly for exposure; there will be no pay. Wonder if SAG condones this union-friendly President getting actors to work for free.

The casting call for the “Conversation with President Obama” was sandwiched between “Bachelors for Dating Show” and “Landau Music, Cruise Ship Musicians”.
Commentary from The Blogmocracy:
They had to submit their questions at the audition so Obungler would know what they were going to ask and how to answer them, and they also had to state their political views, proving, yet again, that the dolt cannot do anything if it isn’t scripted or can’t be read off a TelePrompTer.
Obama - What a failure!

Harvard should be hiding under a rock, with a graduate such as Obama included in the school's alumni.

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