Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Photo of soldiers in the United States Army taken in Afghanistan in 2005 and on display at our local VFW post:

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These four soldiers are home now!

The sonnet below the fold was written a few years ago by then tenth-grade homeschool student "A.M."

A Soldier’s Farewell

Belovéd, do not weep for me today,
Nor sigh on the morrow when I depart.
For though I am from thine eyes far away,
My thoughts dwell on thee as the battles start.
Death’s cold embrace might appear a relief
From this hellish battlefield’s roiling sand,
Yet then I dream my death writ on a leaf
And with renewed spirit protect my land.
I shirk not my duty to my country
And will strive to bring liberty to all;
When peace and hope shine through the night ‘round me,
Homeward shall my steps delightedly fall.
For one’s heartstrings in his own country lie
And calls him with more force than battle’s cry.
--Contributed by A.M.

More poetry, some old and some new, for this solemn day

On this Veterans Day 2010, remember to thank a veteran for his service to our nation.

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