Friday, May 30, 2008

The ACLU Advises Moslems

Not a surprise, of course.
Excerpt from this article in the LA Times:
May 29, 2008

A report that mosques in Los Angeles and San Diego are under federal surveillance has resurrected fears in the Muslim community about government monitoring and led two civil rights groups Wednesday to call for congressional hearings.


Corey Saylor, Washington spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the article in the San Diego Union-Tribune "has again raised concerns that our community is being watched."


ACLU lawyers regularly go to mosques to advise worshipers that they do not have to answer questions from FBI agents about how long they have been in the United States, how often they attend services and what they get out of the sermons...
How many jihadomaniacs are hiding behind the ACLU's lawyers?

Crossposted at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS , where Reliapundit comments as follows:
amazing: the aclu actually has an outreach program to teach disobedience and obfuscation to potential enemies.

this is treason.

at the very least, this is like a mob lawyer who advise his mafia clients on how to set up rackets in advance of doing crime.

lawyers are then not representing clients, but part of the criminal enterprise.

lawyers have done time for this, and the aclu should be busted for this.

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