Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 9/12 March on Washington: Photo Essay 2

Also see Photo Essay 1 one post down and this photo exclusive to THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS

All photos are unedited!

Four hours before the march was scheduled to begin at 11:30, people gathered at Freedom Plaza:

Views of 14th Street as people streamed toward Freedom Plaza, the rallying point before the march down Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol Hill began:

Leaving the sidewalks feeding into Pennsylvania Avenue as we head out into Pennsylvania Avenue, the march route to the west steps of the Capitol:

Photos taken during the march:

Check out this sea of signs photographed as the march made its way along Pennsylvania Avenue:

Photos taken as we neared Capitol Hill and the surrounding area:

At the Capitol Reflecting Pool:

I especially love this photo taken on the side of the Capitol Reflecting Pool nearest the west side of Capitol Hill itself:

Taken on the north-side grassy knoll of the west side of the Capitol — where Mr. AOW and I situated ourselves:

Forget the mainstream media's reports downplaying the numbers and the significance of yesterday's march. I was there.

One protester had voted for BHO and regretted it. This protester's sign read "I voted for change, not for changing the Constitution."

And don't miss Radio Free Dar Al Harb's photo essay! One sample of the photos he has:

See the rest from Radio Free Dar Al Harb HERE

The video below doesn't show the numbers of late arrivers streaming in from side streets west of Freedom Plaza:

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