Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Emergency Notification!

AOW has not started classes. Mr. AOW had a hemorrhagic stroke during the night, and was not found until this morning.

The stroke occurred on the right side of his brain, so his left side is paralysed, but he is coherent and can remember things.

Please be praying for his recovery and AOW's strength during this time...I will update as I find out more information.

Updates below the fold.

I spoke to AOW a little while ago. Mr. AOW is sleeping alot. They are running more tests. If he survives the first 48 hrs., his chances of living are good.

Update 2;
AOW told me that (aside from her being exhausted), Mr. AOW, is on a drip to keep the brain swelling down. He HAS moved his left leg and left arm, and he shows some feeling in his left fore finger.
Pray that any idiots refrain from calling her about rallies for obama, while she tries to sleep!

Update from AOW (September 16 @ 5:18 AM):
No change overnight according to the nurse in ICU; Mr. AOW is sleeping soundly but can be roused, although quite lethargic and with slurred speech.
Another CT Scan done about an hour ago, but no results in yet.

Update from AOW (September 16 @ 9:52 AM):
I'm not at the hospital much. Right now, the experts have to do their thing.
If Mr. AOW continues to have respiratory irregularities, they'll intubate and hook him up to a respirator.
But there is good news:
1. Mr. AOW alternates between lethargy and restlessness. The restlessness is a good sign that he's fighting.
2. No heart attack! A common complication.
3. Good oxygen levels.
4. The neurosurgeon was satisfied with the last CT scan early this morning.

Update from AOW (September 17 @ 1:40 AM):
I just got off the phone from Mr. AOW's nurse. Improvement noted! Mr. AOW is finally opening his eyes! He's less lethargic overall now - at the 48 hour mark.

Just got off the phone with AOW. She's heading for a nap...Mr. AOW has improved some more. He still isn't allowed to drink water, but he can have ice chips. He is able to carry on a conversation and answer questions, AOW helped him into a sitting position. He now wants the tv on, his right eyelid is slow to respond, but does open fully. His eyesight is normal.
His nurse told AOW that hemorrhagic strokes do not kill brain cells, they just get covered in blood, so his memory is intact, and will improve as the blood is reabsorbed. Recovery is generally accomplished by 2 years.
Tomorrow he will be moved to a semi-private room, then in a week he may be transferred to a live in rehab center...if the insurance will cover it(please G*D?)
His bp is still bouncing up a little high, and they are putting him on a nicotine patch...no more cigarettes...he wants a slurpee!

Update from AOW (September 18 @ 5:15 AM):
Overnight, Mr. AOW has become disoriented. He thinks the nurse has broken into our home and is holding him hostage. As his nurse put it, "He doesn't want to be here. He wants to go home." Blood pressure is still not stable, and he has thrashed around so much that he's pulled out his feeding tube.
The nurse assures me that there is no cause for alarm and that developments such as the above disorientation often occur and are temporary.
Mr. AOW will likely remain in ICU today.
Addendum from AOW (September 18 @ 7:48 AM):
I've done some research about hemorrhagic stroke and disorientation (dementia). Usually temporary this soon after a stroke.
So, more waiting this out.

Update from AOW (September 19 @ 5:32 AM):
Yesterday, Mr. AOW showed great improvement although he occasionally gets disoriented as to where he is.
Yesterday, He kept pulling out his nasogastric feeding tube. Sure enough, he was ready to swallow. He was supposed to get a pureed meal last night.
He's quite conversant and just blurts things out without considering what he's saying. Speech is a bit difficult to understand but has improved. He did recognize my friend R, who visited yesterday.
He is very demanding, much like a toddler. For example, his nurse was supposed to give him water at midnight. She was 10 minutes late, and he tried to get out of bed and knocked over his IV pole: "You said midnight. Be here on time."
Mr. AOW will stay in ICU as his long as his blood pressure remains above 160/76.

AOW has informed me that Mr. AOW makes continuous improvement. He is no longer requesting beer, he is awake and coherent. The ONLY problem right now, and it is keeping him in NICU, is the fact that his blood pressure has jumped up to around 202/(dang, I forgot), but there is no way they will send him to a semi-private room now.
Also, a member of AOW's family has collapsed and has been taken to the same hospital. Those on the prayer chain will get further info. Please pray for her as well.
Mr. AOW has also started eating soft foods, he didn't have much breakfast, but he ate his lunch...except for the pureed broccoli...I love broccoli, but the only puree I'd touch would be in homemade broccoli-cheddar soup!

Update from AOW (September 20 @ 5:18 AM):
Late last night, Mr. AOW spiked a fever of 102 degrees. The cause is unknown. The chest ex-ray shows that the cause is not aspiration of food or pneumonia, the CT-scan that the bleed is exactly the same size (no resorption yet). With antibiotics, his temperature has dropped to 99 degrees, still a bit high for him as his usual temp is subnormal.
Unfortunately, the doctors did have to reinsert the nasogastric feeding tube as the one side of his mouth is weak, and foods and liquids get "lost," causing coughing. Now Mr. AOW is again begging for water and ice. But he is aware enough that he didn't have to be restrained for the reinsertion of the tube or even now.
The top number of his blood pressure has finally come down to between 150 and 140. This drop in blood pressure is excellent news!
So, both good news and not-so-good news this morning.

Update from AOW (September 20 @ 10:20 PM):
Today I spent over three hours sorting and cleaning up the area where Mr. AOW lay for nearly six hours following his stroke. While I was out in that shed working on the mess, I didn't have my phones with me. When I got inside, the hospital had called.
Mr. AOW is now allowed a telephone even though he's still in ICU! He phoned me because (1) I wasn't at the hospital as long today and (2) he wanted to give me more instructions about cleaning up the mess, especially the sorting and tossing. LOL.
Some mice got to a chocolate bar Mr. AOW had dropped, so I rolled up a mat and tossed it out. Ick.
Fortunately, the area to straighten up is relatively small. However, there are layers to go through. I have now cleared a path and will get a vacuum cleaner in there at some point.
Mr. AOW is a bit difficult to understand over the phone. Also, at times he nods off in the middle of the conversation. His having a telephone is both a blessing and a curse, particularly in that he has his days and nights mixed up.
I'm not sure what time another update will be added. I don't work tomorrow and may use a flex schedule as I can visit Mr. AOW virtually around the clock.

Update from AOW (September 21 @ 5:30 AM):
I've started a new thread. See this.

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