Friday, October 01, 2010

Why I'm Absent From The Web Lately

When Mr. AOW was stricken with brain hemorrhage on September 15, 2009, [updates on Mr. AOW's recovery HERE] he was in his huge man cave in one of our outbuildings. This man cave covered over 500 square feet!
Many of the items, both functional and broken, are items I can't even identify, i.e., tools, auto parts, and gadgets. Other items, such as wheels and tires, are easy to identify, but too unwieldy and heavy for me to move around on my own.

As one with the packrat gene in spades, over the past three decades, Mr. AOW accumulated so much in his man cave that the paramedics really tore up the place just to extricate Mr. AOW from the corner where he had fallen.

Over the past several weeks, a homeschool dad, an expert in yard saling, has been cleaning out the man cave: sorting, tossing, and pricing. More helpers are coming over today to assist with last-minute preparations for tomorrow's yard sale, the first of several such sales.

We're hoping to unload a lot in this first yard sale from Mr. AOW's man cave. Mr. AOW will, of course, be managing quite a bit of the selling of the items, as will I and numerous helpers.

Once tomorrow's sale ends, I hope to collapse and get some sleep. My back hurts already!

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posted by Always On Watch @ 10/01/2010 05:06:00 AM